Tencent Cloud uses tools to arm companies to explore the Chinese market

2021-12-16 08:51:17 By : Mr. Joway Zhang

Tencent Cloud’s mission is to help companies connect to the Chinese market by launching new connected products that provide artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing services.

According to Tencent Cloud, the China Connect solution provides support for companies that want to do business in the country. Services include business registration, security solutions and data analysis, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) applications, enterprise-level applications, and related market understanding and brand building of listed solution packages.  

The company said, "These solutions are designed to provide protection for niche cloud deployments, including cloud deployments for gaming, e-commerce, live broadcast operations, and finance."

Cloud Connect also aims to cover the "four Cs": capability, connectivity, consulting, and C2BC success.

Competence provides local expertise and industry-leading cloud services to empower Chinese companies throughout their lifecycle; connectivity provides companies with fast and secure networks to promote global and cross-border connectivity; consultants provide end-to-end technical consulting services , In order to promote companies to implement mandatory technical standards in the local regulatory environment; c2B2C Success provides companies with local market knowledge and expertise based on Tencent Cloud’s experience in integrating solutions in the entire WeChat ecosystem.

Yang Baoshu, senior vice president of Tencent Cloud International, said: “More and more global companies aim to expand their business and gain more interest and support from Chinese consumers.”

Yeung added that the company hopes to provide companies with a safe, smooth and stable connection with China. In addition, companies can join Tencent's broader marketing and business ecosystem. For example, Tencent Qidian provides closed-loop digital and social marketing and potential customer classification. 

Other services include WeChat Official Accounts, Mini Programs, WeChat Pay, and intuitive communication tools such as Tencent Meetings and VooV Meetings.

The company also stated that “a strong C2B (consumer-to-business) strategy enables companies to directly interact with consumers through platforms such as WeChat and QQ, which have billions of users, and provide valuable local market knowledge and operational experience.”

Recently, Tencent Cloud announced the establishment of a partnership with the Asian Digital Finance Institute under the National University of Singapore. The partnership will provide support for the growing digital financial industry in Asia. The partnership will explore financial technology research, develop a talent pool, and promote innovation.

Duan Jinchuan, executive director of the Asian Digital Finance Institute, said, “The joint initiative with Tencent aims to cultivate the next generation of financial technology leaders and contributors with technical knowledge and industry expertise in the region. This cooperation will also help advance cutting-edge digital Financial technology promotes the frontier development of Asian financial technology."