Michigan school district develops new safety plan after Oxford shooting

2021-12-16 07:48:17 By : Mr. Zheng Huang

Administrators of the Michigan school district announced on Tuesday when four students were shot dead in their high school that they were adopting a zero tolerance policy for threats and other measures aimed at improving safety.

The Oxford Community School Education Committee was informed of these changes at its board meeting-two weeks after the shooting at Oxford High School on November 30, six students and a teacher were injured.

Jill Lemond, Assistant Director of Student Services, said: “Any acts of remote violence will be immediately submitted to the administration and law enforcement.”

The student will also be expelled from the school before completing the mental health assessment.

Law enforcement agencies will also be present in all district schools, and a security company has been hired to ensure that each building has its own security. She added that the school will no longer allow backpacks and the district is working with suppliers to provide transparent backpacks.

Ethan Crumbley is a 15-year-old Oxford high school student who has been charged with murder and other crimes as an adult.

His parents James and Jennifer Crubley were charged with manslaughter in this case.

Earlier on Tuesday, the judge allowed prosecutors more time to collect and share additional evidence against the parents, in part to allow the Michigan community to “have time to recover” during the holidays.

They were accused of giving their son a gun without intervening when confronted with his son's disturbing paintings hours before the November 30 shooting.

The County Sheriff and Oakland County Attorney Karen McDonald criticized school officials for failing to remind school resource officials of their concerns about the teenager, and for not searching his backpack before allowing him to shoot at the school. Return to class about three hours before. 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of Detroit.

Lori Bourgeau, 45, a woman MP from Oxford Village and the parent of an 11th grade student, blamed the board of directors and policies before the shooting.

"Who set an example for complaints (about students)?" Bourgeois said in a public engagement at the meeting on Tuesday night. "You let it stay with the counselor and the student dean, just. Look for ammunition. Letters, take photos, and do you have a disciplinary file? That won't work. Don't let the kids come in to find ammunition and return to class. You set the tone. I hope You did this a month ago. You could have saved lives."

About 12 of the more than 80 people who attended the board meeting addressed its members.

Shane Gibson, 43, told the board that his third-year daughter "asked me if she would go to school if she would die, it really broke my heart."

"For these children, the loss of innocence is the most heartbreaking," he said. "My son and my daughter will live for the rest of their lives."

Ethan Crumbley held a brief court hearing on Monday and will return on January 7 for his lawyer to review the evidence.

His parents were arrested on December 4 when they were hiding in a commercial building in Detroit, just hours after their allegations were made public. They are still in jail and apparently unable to pay the security deposit of $500,000 each, although defense lawyer Shannon Smith said that she will demand the new terms on January 7.

Judge Julie Nicholson approved the prosecutor’s and defense lawyer’s request to postpone the key hearing to February 8, which will determine whether the old Crubleys will face trial instead of December Continue on the 22nd.

"These funerals have just ended," McDonald said. “The prosecutor’s office has a lot of work to do with many victims and their families. We believe that doing so during the holidays is not in their best interest or in the interests of justice.”

The prosecutor said that the delay in court proceedings would help her office prepare and give Oxford "time to recover as much as possible."

In the courtroom, the Crubley family sat outside their two lawyers. But when the lawyers got up to talk to the judge privately, James Clubley said "I love you" to his wife.

They were accused of failing to intervene on the day of the tragedy, even though they found a creepy message on the boy's desk-"Blood everywhere".

After the shooting, Oxford High School has been closed. On Monday, the athletes began to return to the field.

Officials said that after an online threat against a middle school, other schools in the Oxford area closed on Tuesday out of “high caution”. Since the shooting, online threats against Michigan schools have occurred and have led to closures and charges in other places.

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