This small and portable biometric safe deposit box is $80 off |

2021-12-16 07:49:43 By : Ms. Cathy Leung

Whether you have cash, credit cards, jewelry, medications, or other items that make you feel uncomfortable, put them where anyone may touch or even see, a small biometric safe can provide the ultimate security.

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If sometimes you feel that your privacy or property security may be threatened, you can now enjoy the ultimate security of a portable biometric safe. TROVA GO Discreet Biometric Storage + Sleeve Bundle will keep children or unauthorized adults away from cash, credit cards, jewelry, drugs, etc.

Trova Go wirelessly connects to your phone's iOS or Android application via Bluetooth. Therefore, your fingerprint scanner will provide biometric authorization for the magnetic cover of the safe, which can only be opened by the paired and identified user. The app will provide smart notifications to alert you when the safe is open, disconnected, or moved from where you left off.

In "Fast Company", Trova Go is a portable solution that keeps your most precious treasure away from prying eyes and prying eyes. The safe is made of aluminum alloy, which is strong and lightweight, so you can seamlessly integrate it into your daily life. It also has a silicone coated mold that can hide any orders, for example, if you have any plant-based products stored in it.

There is a strap inside the lid of Trova Go that can hold items such as watches or gadgets, such as gadgets you might receive from Gadget Discovery Club. It also comes with a sidecar box, which is a small container with two compartments, which is very suitable for putting in a safe and suitable for small items such as medicines. It also includes a very beautiful leather case that perfectly matches the shape of the safe without adding any volume.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a discreet personal storage device that no one can access except you, use coupon code GREEN20 to get the TROVA GO Discreet Biometric Storage + Sleeve Bundle today, which is priced at US$156.79 instead of the suggested retail price of US$239 price.

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